Small Business Exporter of the Year 2016

Mark Rice

The 2016 Small Business Exporter is Mark Rice, President of the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in Baltimore, nominated by the U.S. Export Assistance Center.

Mark, a professional engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, drew on his training with the U.S. Navy to open his business in the mid-80s. The company offers both R & D and manufacturing production projects where employee owners design and manufacture marine systems ranging from submarine and surface ship components to commercial water taxis and offshore buoys.

They are currently working on environmental buoys, rescue craft and crew transfer vessels for the offshore wind industry. They export to numerous countries including: South Korea, France, Scotland, Germany and Italy. I could say more, but given the top secret, defense-oriented nature of their operations, it’s safer for everyone if I don’t. I will note that Mark has strategically grown the business from a one man operation to now employing 60.

Mark has served on the Maryland District Export Council assisting fellow entrepreneurs as they seek to go global and export. He also works closely with workforce development efforts as a member of the Carver High School advisory board and serves on the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development for the City of Baltimore.

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